The future was so bright..

It has been a year of the spectacular and the marvelous, a time where you are taken back. Skies without planes, streets with people in the middle of the road. Mother Earth has given some quite awesome moments, watching a sun set over Sheffield from the roof of Stanley Tools.

It began with Woollen Signs, then the demolition of William Brothers, in between G.Barnsley and sons. Of course not a murmur of thanks from the Urban Exploration (community) but you move on. A landlord just being an utter scumbag, the Police along with everyone else sat in grand judgment.

History and reputation is an hard one to rid yourself from, it is a ghost of crass mistakes that haunts myself. I should learn to think before I speak, and perhaps not speak. Now thats a thought.

So, onwards, I have the opportunity here to just hide and fall from being an omnipresent eccentric to being just a local one. On my doorstep is all I need other than forgiveness from some people. But one is certain if I can find the self will to move on from being a dysfunctional attention seeker then matters might improve.

I had no utopian dream, it was not going to be a long road I was walking, from 39 Elmore Road, how much I deluded myself it was not the location, it was nothing more than a slum. It has served its purpose, made me move on from where I was when the G8 Circus came to town. I, like everyone else, like the spectacle of the fools and it will be an hard one to resist the temptation of the Liberal Democrat Circus when it comes to Sheffield in March. Likewise I must think when these words are put before you are invited sometimes an invitation has hidden consequence.

Much the same as 39 Elmore Road, but I had driven myself down that fucking Cul De Sac, you can not judge others for their fear. As an anarchist I need to learn that forgiveness plays a part. 2010 was a year of the spectacular and the marvelous, a time where you are taken back and I shall not forget those halcyon bucolic days without planes, the joy of seeing figures walking in the middle of the road like a Lowrie painting and the moments in between.

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