You’re a RACIST.

It is Friday 24 12 2010 I go back to thinking about the last year, at this time 3.30pm I had, along with a friend, crept round The Old Sheffield Post Office.

It was Friday 25/12/2009, had a quite a cool day and was uploading images. I was living in the slum of 39 Elmore Road, by 8pm I was in bed drunk and asleep – the only way to deal with living there.

Today I have not felt the need to escape, I have been thinking back on 2010 it has had some quite fucked up times, from getting drunk with Don Letts, then in the same location at a  gig with Steve Mason.

In the year’s drunken moments I have acted like the twits around myself, (not big or clever) listened to the bullshit of how it was all their efforts, it has been a year of conflict and disagreement.

RACIST fools coming up to myself issuing comments in the denial of the fact they’re fucking racist.

A year of paranoia due to my own bullshit/actions and reading back on this blog. I keep waiting for the knock at the back door telling me to go back to Elmore Road, meantime 25/12/2010 looms….


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