Not quite the plan..

I wanted to do some urban exploration, had a few thoughts in mind. However, the insidious police presence put play to that plan. It could be paranoia but each time I got near a building a police car drove past. Then there was the black four by four that just seemed to be everywhere I was walking, and I was in no mood for the other trespass.

So I had a walk along part of The Supertram route from Hyde Park into Sheffield, took some images, then a walk back home, up Blake Street. Fuck, the Blake was open. Just three pints my mind was saying, it was busy full of the Walkley bohemians, I stood looking over Sheffield.

It was not any intention to get so drunk, hello you’re Mozaz with that insidious look, who the fuck he was I might never know. I just drank up and left, checking he was not following. I got back home and to bed, I woke at three still drunk, but was back to sleep by four and I feel a little rough, but the thought not quite the plan keeps coming back, as I feel sorry for myself.

I so wanted to creep about some derelict space, but it was a good day and who knows the insidious police presence might have done myself a favour and I did think I was busted as I left The Supertram route, and just why is there always cars in Paradise Sq, and someone who was so fucking obvious in their dislike towards myself? It did not ruin my day just makes me think I need to stop being so fucking insidious myself..

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