Simon & Garfunkel:

Some years back, when the bus run on Christmas Day in Sheffield, I found myself living at High Green.  I had a Sony Walkman and the bus ride was passed living to the greatest hits of  Simon & Garfunkel (very punk) I had a copy of Dead Kennedys and some Conflict.

This year a friend gave me a tenner for Christmass, I got some spare cash and went to Record Collecter knowing the box set was going for 12 pounds. It has been on the player from Tuesday.

Their music seems to fit this time of year and this frozen weather, Some years back I had a copy of Paul Simon’s Graceland I spent a Christmass with a 35 year old girlfriend, her 2 sons in a flat above a shop on Dykes Hall Road.

Tuesday I also bought a copy of Neil Young’s greatest hits, he got me through the darkness of Dundas Road, here is a short story I wrote at the time about the Dark Times of Dundas Road.

This year I shall not wake to a silent world in a small room that was a slum flat, but a three bed house and by 8am I shall be out about creeping in and out of some urban dereliction, not to ease any boredom, but for the joy of doing so.

It has become a custom to have beans on toast, this began at 99 Binstead Grove, 13 weeks of no power with just a gas cooker and no heating so all I had was a bed and a gas cooker, radio four and The Dead Kennedys, I spent December 25th lost in Wharncliffe Woods coming home to Beans and toast, shame not to keep a tradition going.

One is getting my head round having this freedom, this space, and looking forward to being on my own for the next 7 days. Laughing at the crass over consumption.

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