The so called revolution is just a utopian dream.

I would have been 20 in 1985.. Four Years before I had been kicked out of care into a flat at 77 Oxford Street. I had no skills, I could not cook or manage the basics in life and was addicted to glue and cider. Little wonder then by 1982 I was on a section at Middlewood Hospital, flat number two would have been Ironside Road it was here I watched Live Aid.

There has not been a Television in my life for fours years, the whole of the time at Ellmore Road: There was 2 in this house. To be frank I might get rid, as I find myself looking at the TV pages and sinking into the bullshit.

I need to kick all addictions, and the insidious self needs to be kicked, It was good to sit there and remind myself of 1985 and all that, 25 years on it got myself thinking what has changed? We have 13 years of New Labour, hardly a fucking murmur from the left just a faint act of resistance

When the middle class feel their social status is under attack we see Millbank. Lets remind ourselves those giving to Live Aid and attending were, in majority, the middle class.. it is called easing empire guilt. Need we remind people of South Africa the fact Queen played Sun City (today we have apartheid in Palestine). Of course we all shed a tear at the film shown, during Live Aid, the one using emotive music (Drive by The Cars)..

It was nothing but propaganda, the only real change is a revolution, unlike 1985 I view the prospect of an uprising and social change as very distant (a utopian dream). In the midst of the current protest it has only been asked a couple of times. So we desire to rid ourselves of the Con-Dem coalition. Fair point, you could not disagree with, but lets not forgive or forget the 13 years of New Labour, hardly a fucking murmur from the left/anarchists just a faint act of resistance, they’re as insidious as capitalism itself.

In that regard, I have changed none more so than in the last four years. I do not see the same change in the Left/Anarchist community. If we desire real change then we need to make the insidious middle class history, Live Aid changed nothing for the working class of the world. If you watched When Harvey met Bob, and the documentary following it, you will have see how fucking insidious the middle class are, Bob Geldolf is just a true representation of the problem we face as the working class.

From apartheid in Palestine (in occupation from 1945) to the blatant class war from this Con-Dem government, to the ongoing suffering in Haiti, neither can we forget 6 years on from the Circus of the G8 in Sheffield. In March 2011 Sheffield will face much the same when the Liberal Democrats hold their conference in this city.

No doubt there will the left/anarchist dysfunctional attention seekers on the streets, one thing I have learned over the last 25 years, and in the last four years.. the so called revolution is just a utopian dream.

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