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Bringing it all Back Home (part 2)..

(Part One can be found here)

It flows that following active involvement I have an ill nights sleep, so at 2am I was awake in a bath.. It worked and by three I was sound asleep.. Waking, I looked out the window.. no sunrise over Sheffield. The snow was deep and far deeper than last year’s. At long last we had the real shit..

For the old and infirm not good news, but for people like myself it was a joy I dressed, came to the studio/office.. oh the joy of home. Logged on, checked a few things. 9:30 I was out the front door at Walkley Bakers for 9:45 having seen the joy of life with out cars, they lied at the side of the road like redundant snow sculptures

People walked/talked and shared the joy of walking in the middle of Howard Road, I was meeting a friend for Coffee at Refresh, what a joy of stillness and quiet invoked by the heavy snow fall. People were joyful, talking to each other. Not in their isolation tins, but on foot.

It has been that sort of year, the uprising of communities, that another world could be possible without Planes (yes, the weeks of no trails due to a volcanic eruption) now the snow had done the same and proven that cars, the current way of life is redundant. The Joy of skipping down Whitham Road in the middle on a Wednesday afternoon outside Western Park can not be told. Neither can the joy of snow.

It has not been like this since 1981, indeed students running The Police round London Benny Hill style, occupations.. who said another world was not possible? That snow is calling me back out doors.. Just a note: if you have an old person/infirm person, do the right thing and knock their door, check they’re alright, offer to go shopping or whatever they might need. Be the community you desire.

Love, Rage and, of course, Anarchy..

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