Beans & Toast.

In the first year of 39 Elmore Road, I was still smoking and eating cannabis, I would awake at 5.30am have a bong, or perhaps two. Then around 6.30am in winter I would leave the flat to go to Rawmarsh, a friends house that I had used to to hide in from Sheffield at the time when Matilda came to an end..

I would get on the Train and watch the sun rise over the waste grounds that are the East End of Sheffield, still standing were the Cooling Towers of Tinsley.

It was during this time that a plan came to my mind. 5 years on, circumstance and weather has put play to the plan. I quite enjoyed  the commute and then getting stoned in Rawmarsh then coming back to Sheffield around 4pm I would set back off. I did this for around a year watching the sunrise and set in winter, as summer drew close it became just a commute.

In the winters days it was rather nice, on the train or bus, I have become to like December 25th, it is a good day for wandering, from the frozen waters of 1996 to walking through Neepsend in 1999. Then, being the only person in 2001 on Claywood, I was squatting and spent the day exploring every flat, all 800 of them.

Such walks and time out has saved me from the crass over consumption, the fucking insanity of it all, you can not beat being in a empty derelict Post Office on December 25th, or wakening in a woods and going for mass at Beauchief Abbey. If there is no rain and the weather is mild and dry then I’ll be off on a trespass. There will be no bus service to speak off, I have walked the Rivelin on December 25th, there is another thought but that might need two people so I’ll let that be to the 28th.

You can keep the over consumption, the fucking insanity of it all. Over the years I have grown to like December 25th as a time to go have a mooch, I do think about being caught, but you can not beat an empty Halifax Bank, then a walk over to me mothers, or a night in Rawmarsh and then walking back on December 25th to Sheffield, this time of year for people like myself is far too much of an opportunity for a bit of urban exploration.

So, as people wake, I shall be having me Weetabix, some Coffee, hoping the weather is not rain or snow, and off I shall go wondering. As the first disagreement begins, the opening of presents, the sound of Eastenders, kick into being, I hope to be somewhere I have been dreaming of for some years.

As the night draws in and the cat/dog are hiding, Dad is sleeping, Children playing with the empty box and Mother saying only another 364 days to next one.

I will be in the office/studio editing and uploading images from my December 25th. Just another day, the only thing that changes is the opportunity, this is why I have come to love this date.

I quite honestly dislike the over consumption and mass hype, one of the better moments was three years back, we had been wondering and walked down Spital Hill, shops open and live just going on, it is just another day, where trespass is made a little more of ease.

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