The road….

…… Is not a line between places, it is place between places of its own. In a time past we walked the bucolic waste grounds of Sheffield, we trespassed outdoors and indoors to capture society in decay/dereliction. To escape the present, a walk into the past. It has become known as urban exploration. This is what I get me kicks out of..

Sunday I walked past what would have been my 20th urban exploration, an old house on Oxford St, Sheffield, demolished 1987. We then moved onto the derelict Sheffield Infirmary (where Tesco now stands) some of it still stands and the rest demolished, it was born from the former Sheffield Workhouse. In its past derelict state it was used for Threads, a film made in Sheffield..

Monday I caught a bus to town (as I looked over Sheffield ,in my minds eye a mushroom cloud), sorted out some shit and then had coffee at Broomhill. Back to West St (Rare n Racy) and at home I watched this..

More politics: If you have time read this.. Fuck, it is the end of the year, hence our Top Ten Urban Explorations each in their own a good time. It being Tuesday an overcast, rain sodden winters day, I would wander and capture the mood change in images. For now I shall enjoy Ornette Coleman, some coffee as the Incense burns and the candles flicker, I feel like a bath and some afternoon reading. Will get back to image taking ,thoughts are cooking…

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