There is still life in the snow..

It should have been, I get on with task. The paint is still looking at me however the winter playground is where I have been and it seems I live in a community, I left this morning to the sound of birds looking for food with the sound of spades chipping the frozen snow making paths for the rest of us. The further you got out of Walkley you began to encounter crass car drivers, brain dead joe public.

It might be right like 28 days later, the dead walk into the urban metropolis looking to feed off the detritus of others, it has been like that last few days, as you walk back out of town into Walkley normality returns. A quick pint in The Blake (him indoors) and we are back out to sound of spades chipping the frozen snow making paths for the rest of us.

I still have not managed to become deeply domesticated, but I now have the slippers and Friday night might just be another load of washing and brushing of carpets, as I must have a wonder through Rivelin on Saturday Morning, then that paint might stop nagging me as we spend an afternoon applying ourself to the task the snow has got in the way of. Oh, the search for oblivion has come to an end as I feel one will never find it, what is that wardrobe door doing open? Off to have a look, could be a while..

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